Boredom In 14 Segments


Complete. Now I just have to attempt to avoid further boredom…

Part #QtyDescription
HDSP-A27C (Mouser) (datasheet)62-digit 14-segment character display
B012ACSO4Y121x9 Socket (breakaway, make your own)
B0761NYF6Y1RPi GPIO Breakout Board + Ribbon Cable
Resistor15270-ohm resistors; no need to be picky.
WireWire-wrap wire (28AWG)
Protoboard2Full-Sized 60-column Protoboard
Decorative Easel1Random item from Michaels
Wood Plaque1Random item from Michaels
3/8" Round Spacer4Simple PCB standoffs
#4-40 Nuts & Bolts3From Home Depot; I’d give you a link, but their…
#6-32 Nuts & Bolts4…web site is almost useless.