With the various personal projects I’ve done (in addition to the business I’m working on), the number of PCBs that I’ve designed is growing. I often have spares laying around, and I recently decided they would make a neat display on a conveniently available shelf.

So how to go about it?

Simple: make some nifty little stands to stand them up!

Keeping It Simple…

All I needed was something to hold the boards upright at an attractive angle. They aren’t that big; the biggest is about 3.5 by 3 inches. They also aren’t very heavy, so I don’t need anything particularly strong. Finally, they aren’t likely to be bumped, and I don’t live in earthquake country anymore.

With that in mind, the design is extremely simple: just a footing with an angled holder that grabs about 2mm of the PCB. You use two of them to stand a board up (or, I suppose, more if you need them). Easy as that!

Now I need more boards to display, but that will come with time…

The OpenSCAD source code is over here, and you can find the STL right here. All of this is, of course, referenced from the project page. I’ll add more stuff there as time goes by, so feel free to poke around.