So my basil is still growing strong, as you can see. And that’s after I added the additional light arm to the Click & Grow, and also trimmed a number of branches off to give to my Mom for her cooking needs. These plants just keep on growing, and I’m wondering how much longer they’ll keep going for.

Of course, now that my cats can no longer get at the plants, it was time to plant some new things…

Click & Grow: Thoughts So Far

Honestly? This thing is amazing! I have no known talent at gardening, and it’s just been growing away with no particular issue. The only attention I’ve paid to it is to make sure that the temperature doesn’t get above 78° F, and to make sure that it doesn’t run out of water. It only needs filling once a week or so when it gets going, at least so far.

Granted, I only had the three plants in there; we’ll see how it does when we have nine thriving plants in it…

All in all, I’m very happy with the unit. It’s reasonably well made, I’ve had no issues with loading plants, and things actually grow in it, which is the whole point. My only complaint about it remains the fact that it’s a little harder to add water than it should be.

I have thoughts on that, but that’s for another day.

And the basil has been wonderful in my favorite soup, which is even better. I’ve never been big on gardening for the sake of gardening; I want to eat what I grow. While I’m only doing herbs at the moment, that’s enough to keep me interested.

The decision: this hobby will continue!

Moar Plants!

So with the initial three growing happily, and my kitties restricted from getting at the more dangerous plants, I decided it’s time to plant more. For this round, I’ve decided on chives and oregano. The oregano will also be used in my fovorite soup – I’m looking forward to trying it – and the chives, just because.

I planted them 3 days ago, and I can already just barely see some sprouts in the oregano. Good sign!

I’ll keep you apprised.